Murmurs (Podcast)

While looking for an interesting podcast to listen to while trying to sleep, I found Murmurs. It’s description was very vague but sparked interest. The podcast features ten episodes with each episode featuring a new story.

“There’s a crack in reality and something’s breaking through. Ten mind-altering tales from some of the best new drama podcast writers.”

BBC Sounds

Each episode covers an unsettling or creepy story, kind of like Black Mirror. The story usually revolves around an unexplained event. The listener gets to hear audio journals, phone calls, voicemails or other methods we can creep on. In one of the stories this is particularly disturbing when the characters realise that someone or something is listening to their calls. This is further enhanced by rewinding the audio and playing certain parts over and over. It almost feels like we’re the ones stalking.

Some of the stories are heartbreaking, while others are straight up creepy. The episode about the librarian (7: Disappearances) was my personal favourite. The story of a homeless woman named Germaine (6: Last Night on Earth) was a really good one too. The ninth episode, The Queue, was straight up bizarre. If you thought people waiting in a queue for a few hours was crazy, wait till you listen to this episode. It takes standing in a queue to the next level. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’m keeping descriptions brief.

I played the podcast while trying to sleep. Personally I enjoy listening to creepy or scary stories and it doesn’t bother me to do so at night. Murmurs is not very scary or horror by any means, unsettling or mysterious are better descriptors for this podcast.

In conclusion, this podcast is worth checking out. Some people might find the stories unsatisfying, but open endings leave it to us, the listeners, to imagine whatever ending we want.

Rating: 4/5

Murmurs on BBC Sounds

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