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The Queen’s Gambit

Chess seems to be gaining more and more attention in the media. Grandmaster chess players like Hikaru have been successful at live streaming over the past year. The Netflix Original series The Queen’s Gambit came right as chess is gaining momentum and popularity. How good is the series?

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The Mandalorian Season 2

Let’s be honest. The Star Wars franchise is struggling. A large part of the fanbase has voiced discontent after the sequel trilogy. The Mandalorian proved to be a beacon of hope for the franchise in its first season. Earlier this week, the second season came to a conclusion when the season finale was released on Disney+.

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The Boys Season 1

In an industry where Disney and Netflix dominate the headlines, Amazon Originals are struggling to get the same attention. The Boys does exactly that, it grabs your attention. It grabbed my attention a bit too well and I binged it over 2 days. Mild spoilers ahead.

Official Season 1 Trailer
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