Google News

With over 1 billion downloads in the Google Play Store, Google News is the most downloaded news reader. It’s not just the Google brand why it’s so popular.

Google News has the best interface from the apps I have used. There is a light/dark theme option and both look nice. The browser is seamlessly integrated into the app. I’ve never run into any problems on that front.

The app allows the user to select up to two regions, one of which is set as the primary region, for news articles. Most articles will be based on the selected primary region. Switching between regions takes about 10 seconds.

Google News lets user inputs guide the algorithm that selects articles and sources. Sources can be blocked and if you liked/disliked the article, you can indicate that to improve the algorithm. It’s also possible to add newspaper or magazine subscriptions to read them in the Google News app. Otherwise, subscription based sources only allow the user to read a limited amount of articles.

In summary, it’s safe to say that Google News is the best news reader app available. If for some reason you don’t want to use this app, Squid is a great alternative.

Available on Android, iOS and Google News website

Price: Free

Rating: 5/5

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