After getting a new Note 20 Ultra two months ago, I have been constantly been on the hunt for useful new apps. Basically, I need an excuse to use this amazing phone more. While looking into news apps, I installed several apps, including Squid. Here are my thoughts.

Purely for English media, this is the best app I have found. The stories I get recommended are interesting to me. Initially the app asks the user to indicate topics of interest. There is a large variety of topics to select. The initial selection of news that I got was already pretty decent. Over time, the algorithm has clearly caught on to something and started showing me more and more interesting articles to read. It’s not possible to indicate to the app you want to see similar articles (like you can in Google News), but you can block sources from showing up. I reserve this option only for sites that show excessive ads. Which brings me to another feature that Squid does not have: ad removal. Flipboard has a nice option to remove ads (although they recommend only to do so when they are overbearing).

It’s possible to switch between editions based on country. There is an international edition in English and 50+ other countries have their own editions. Some countries or languages have multiple editions

The layout of the app is decent, but lacks customization. I personally don’t like the greenish blue colour used in the app. Some options to choose from would be nice, especially a dark/light mode.

The in-app browser works nicely. As an EU citizen I did get a cookie consent notification every time I opened a source for the first time, which got increasingly more annoying every time, but that’s not the app’s fault.

In conclusion, this app is one of the best news reading apps out there. The recommended content is really good. The app has some minor shortcomings, which are pretty easily overcome.

Squid website: https://squidapp.co/en/

Price: Free

Rating: 4,5/5

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